Distributed Energy Resources Innovations

Distributed Energy Resources Innovations

Ensuring system reliability, sustainability, safety, and profitability

Do you see Distributed Energy Resources (DER) as an existential threat or as an investment opportunity?  Regardless of what side you weigh in on, most recognize that consumer behavior is driving the proliferation of grid-connected distributed generation.  This phenomenon has created a disruptive and elusive environment for utilities and system operators -- they can’t see where and when a distributed energy source generates, nor do they have the ability to control that source at the distribution level. Due to the nature of renewable power, affected as it is by cloudiness and wind speed, energy providers are  regulating and adjusting larger central-generation assets to address reliability -- resulting in increased production costs, not to mention congestion and distribution infrastructure stress.

Utilities and system operators must continue to invest in distribution infrastructure to minimize downtime and make the grid more efficient through advanced technology, and DER can be part of that efficiency.

Learn how various aspects of DER, such as microgrids, islanding, and energy storage, can help ensure system reliability, sustainability, safety, and profitability.

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